February 23, 2005

A post on al-Qaradawi really preaches

Here is a post by a gay Muslim about what Ken Livingstone's friend al-Qaradawi really believes
Ken claims Qaradawi is a “moderate” who combats “socially regressive interpretations of Islam.” This is complete nonsense. Liberal Muslims all over the world reject Qaradawi’s intolerant views, which include the killing of apostates, gays, adulteresses and innocent Israeli civilians.

As a victim of Islamist repression, I am amazed the Mayor has dared to misrepresent a reactionary cleric like Qaradawi as a progressive; especially since Ken has never offered any support to those of us who have suffered at the hands of the Islamists.

Unlike Livingstone, I know what Qaradawi really stands for. When living in Algeria, I listened to his religious broadcasts in Arabic – uncensored and unedited to appease western liberals. I heard his Islamist bigotry firsthand. Qaradawi often defended the barbarity of Sharia law. He has a far right political agenda. His aim is to create a worldwide theocratic state, where every person is subject to his intolerant interpretation of Islam.
This man tried to claim asylum here and despite the Home Office admitting that he would face presicution, probably torture and death, if he was returned to Algeria his claim was refused. It should not have been, this is a man that will be killed if he is sent back. We have a duty to protect him. It is not like some immigrants that would want to help al-Qaradawi to destroy our sociaty and impose an Islamofascist theocracy.


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